Design Department

Department of exclusive design, all our designs are exposed to extensive levels of quality and reliability, without ever sacrificing the aesthetic value of each of our creations


We are specialists in building works and monuments, regardless of size or complexity of the project. from the garden of a family home to the monument more extreme Workshops Valero is the safest response.

Interior design

Any project to be conducted indoors, home, shops, offices, warehouses, hospitals, from local trade up public buildings in any budget, always with care and most cutting-edge innovation and striking design.

Urban design

The design of street furniture range is undoubtedly our flag, to the point of being obliged by our clients to make a general catalog of furniture, that soon may ask girders of this website. You will find our wide variety of unique designs of furniture designed with different materials and exceptional design and lasting.

Urban design on demand

N addition to offering our furniture designs general, we are also able to adapt to any project or client, which requires very exclusive designs, either by integration into an environment or require much more exponential in size.


The materials used in our designs ranging from wood, methacrylate, metal of all kinds combining them in the most optimal to get the best everyday and aesthetic.