Machinery design and construction

We designing and building industrial machinery since 1989, offering the highest level of demand for quality and reliability.

Maintenance and repair of machinery

Maintenance and repair of any machinery.


creation of a scale or size of any machinery or project prototype.

Mechanized Machine Tool

We create the machines that make up the other machines, automated assembly plants, robots, etc ...


All types of welding and without certification.

Industrial Boiler and Design

Boiler creation of any size.

Cutting and bending of materials

Mechanical cutting, laser, etc. .. perform work and exclusive retail chain.

Materials Modification

curved material of any size.

Outdoor tropical timber

Tropical timber have proven to be the best choice for durability on the outside, so it is the best material we can offer outdoor when the occasion requires.


Although we specialize in metal and we love working on our projects include all types of materials.

Steels of all kinds
Plastic, PVC, P.P., teflon, nylon, etc.
Timber, indoor and outdoor
Bronze, brass, copper.
Polycarbonates and acrylics.